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+Graphic Design & Mockups — KNSCRY GFX
+Creative Direction — GHOST
+Web Design — GHOST


Justin McLamore is a culinary wunderkind based in Atlanta, Georgia. Finding himself frustrated with the lack of innovation in cooking and catering — especially when it comes to cooking in the home, or traditional southern recipes and techniques few are apt to drive into fine dining territory — he set out to establish his own private cooking and catering business.

Though Justin initially came to us for a business website, he was also experiencing difficulty designing his own business card and logo. In the middle of building his website, we partnered with KNSCRY GFX and worked to capture Justin’s vision for his brand. Using all the insight we gathered to create the website, we were able to work with the designer to create a custom logo design that would fit right into his website and stationery, as well as future uses including aprons, chef coats, and packaging as Just Chef Mack expands.

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