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résumé analysis

The Résumé Analysis allows Ghost to inspect your document to ensure it’s up to our standard. In under 48 hours we’ll reply to the email address on your resume with a free report to help you identify strengths and weaknesses, plus links to helpful articles or tips from here on the site you can use to improve your chances at getting your next big gig.




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résumé + cover letter design

A good résumé is likely not the best résumé in a recruiter’s pile. So we create phenomenal, tailored résumés and cover letters that are dynamic and targeted with laser precision. Using new media and design expertise, we take an aggressive approach on head-turning details, industry-specific keywords, and a modern format that will impress recruiters. Capture your unique professional story on paper.




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career learning module

Learn about writing an amazing cover letter or securing the right staffing agency, and other lessons in job searching and career planning often overlooked in our education system. We’ll break down many of the latest methods, tricks, and tools to maximize your search, get the most out of your career, and earn more money on the way.




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career essentials

If you plan to go the extra mile and round out your viability as a candidate, you’ve got options. Whether you need a LinkedIn update, a portfolio designed, a presentation, or an online résumé website, we can create signature pieces to augment and truly sell your talents and capabilities where paper cannot.