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The path to Dream jobs + fat checks

the 6 step process to STRIKING RÉsumés

Learning your powers

1. discovery interview

Have you ever been complimented for doing something so well that was super easy for you to do? Something that gave you a slight feeling of confusion, as in “what’s the big deal?” because your excellence at the task or project is natural for you? Probably so. It’s likely there are several aspects you don’t even realize about yourself that are actually major assets to employers, and would really help you stand out on your resume. We know just what questions to ask you to bring out these traits, qualities, and achievements. We’ll interview you by phone or online — your preference — about your work experience and background to surface superpowers you didn’t even know you had.

Learning your craft

2. research

While we specialize in writing career documents for certain fields — including retail and customer service, hospitality, creative and design, supply chain and logistics, performing arts and entertainment, and more — every resume requires us to research your specific job market, your targeted companies, your industry, and current trends in recruiting for those aspects. Job seekers are working against constantly shifting goal posts, and we’ll always be on top of the latest and greatest information to help you seal the deal.

3. drafting

We’re going to draft a document that is loaded with keywords, surfaces your best qualifications, quantifies them for additional marketability, eliminates irrelevant information, and makes the recruiter keep reading. We also tailor directly to the jobs you’re applying for. This is to balance spotlighting your X-Factor as an incredible candidate without making you appear overqualified. Not an easy feat, but we make it look that way.




Stylish. modern. bringing sexy back.

4. design

It’s a new age. A modern age. You’ve already seen the pictures around the site (yes, every resume you see here was written, edited or designed by us). We create sleek, show-stopping resumes. They won’t be able to pass you up on design alone. We also make sure it’s tailored and crafted specifically to your personal style, fits common formats for your industry, and is appropriate for the targeted employers.

Keep going ‘til they scream “yes!”

5. revisions

You’ll always have a voice with us. If you feel the resume needs changes, we’re happy to make them. Most of our clients only require a few minor tweaks after they receive their final documents, but whether you find incorrect info or simply need a light tweak, we’re happy to make those adjustments and get the document to 100% satisfaction. We’ll also continue to make minor tweaks and revisions after the fact for 30 days at no additional cost to you. And you’ll get access to your documents to edit on your own via Canva or Microsoft Word.

6. Cover Letter

Once you’re happy with your resume design, format, and language, we’ll convert the information we have on hand and make a cover letter template for you in the same style. We’ll also draft you up a killer cover letter that’ll be sure to be one hell of an opening act for your resume.