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Rising star program // web design for artists

position your star in the galaxy

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It’s a hard knock life being an artist or entertainer. Even if you’ve been discovered it still takes a lot of time and investment to be seen, heard, and booked to perform your craft.

So how do you stand out from the rest in an endless sea of other talent? How do you make it easy for fans, agents, and brands alike to see the full scale of what you can do and why you matter without restrictive, noisy social media platforms? If you’re serious about your career as an artist, you’ll know you’re looking at your answer.

Scroll down to learn more or skip to the application process if you’re ready to go.

If you don’t fit the eligibility requirements or we’ve filled all the slots for the season, don’t worry. Apply and we’ll still get back to you with the best pricing in town.

indie budget

The Rising Star Program is one of the many ways we give back at GHOST. It’s a real honor to support up-and-coming talent in a climate that can make the pursuit of dreams too expensive and exhausting. Packages for those who meet the eligibility requirements and are selected into the program start at just $499 for a limited time and offer flexible payment plans. This allows us to support artists at any stage of their careers.

star quality

They’ll never know you’re just an indie artist. Our sites for artists are showstoppers, earning accolades not just from fans, but agents, casting directors, and brand managers alike. It’s that professional touch that seals the deal. You’ll also get expert guidance on maximizing your web space to attract more bookings and visibility.

simple upkeep

Our sites are built on the Squarespace platform, making them easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. Once your website is completed, you can choose us to maintain the site for you at a low monthly cost, or we can train you with our expertise so that you can do the work on your own whenever you desire.

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are you a match?


feature rich web design


Mobile Friendly

Most of your audience is using smartphones to browse the web, so when they’re on the move and see a link to your page, it’ll be streamlined for mobile and ready to go.

Built-in Ironclad Security

You won’t have to worry about hackers or engaging a third-party program to keep you site secure from attacks, phishing, or viruses.

E-Commerce Ready

Merchandise? Artwork to sell? Your website will have robust e-commerce capabilities allowing you to sell physical products, digital music, and art.

Complete Ownership

We are working on your behalf. From your domain, to any text or images we edit, you will be the full owner of your website, its address, and content.

Rapid Turnaround

Once all requested materials and payments are received, it can take as little as 14 days to get your web site approved and pushed to the web for all to see.

App Integrations Built-In

Whether plugging in social media to pull or push content, integrating a booking calendar, or operating a mailing list, you’ve got simple ways to connect your favorite apps.

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can you get with the program?


 but wait. there’s more.


one stop shop

The Extras

Honestly, we can handle it all. Instead of having to shop for the right graphic designer or photographer, trying your hand at writing your own biography or press info, and dealing with all the emails and phone calls and invoices to get your work done, we can take care of it all on your behalf. We’ll make sure we get your approval along the way, but you can rest assured you’ll have an industry pro ensuring you have only the best visuals and materials to represent you as an artist.





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you wanna be on top?
-Tyra Banks