copywriting for business

Press release

When it's time to share news about an event or a new product, and make attempts at securing coverage in the media — whether a magazine, an online blog, a podcast, or a talk show — a Press Release provides all the need-to-know information. It's a concise format that allows journalists and media personalities to deliver the most relevant details to their audiences.

Product & Service Descriptions

Giving dimension and texture to unique products or services that people may not be able to touch or interact with is important when you need to persuade an audience to make a purchase. We’ve got you covered there.


Everyone has a story, and sometimes that story requires editing and formatting for the web, a forthcoming book, press materials, or the program of an awards ceremony, for example. A professionally written biography puts your best foot forward and makes a lasting impression.

Business Plans & summaries

Having a straightforward and illuminating map for the business is important for stakeholders, including bank lenders and investors. It’s also important as a guiding point to ensure you stay on the path and achieve your goals and missions, even when you hire or partner with other individuals and organizations.



Drafting proposals that seal the deal and result in awarded contracts is a lane we’re speeding in. It’s a regular aspect of performing the work we do at GHOST, and working within different industries and formats comes to us with ease.