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Nothing we do is new, really. we just do it better than the rest.

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welcome to GHOST institute // supernatural design x strategy

we engineer THE ALL STARS.

These days, no one really cares what you have to offer until you cut through the noise and prove why you matter. We provide extraordinary web development, branding and design, content creation, and business services to top career professionals, entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, small businesses, and more.

We also host a plethora of content to share our knowledge in entertainment, business, technology, and design. Keep scrolling and click around the site to learn more.


ghost transforms.
to grow your brand, we become your brand.


//professional services

your Alchemist

It takes a special collision of elements to harness any art or craft. We work a unique blend of practical magic in four disciplines, helping the ambitious pursue limitless possibilities in any profession. Click an icon below to explore more of our services.


Website Design

We design sleek, eye-catching websites for individuals and small businesses. Plus, as Squarespace Developers, we can make them just as practically affordable as they are easy for you to manage.

Career Strategy + development

Career Strategy should be as aggressive as an advertising strategy. With Ghost, professionals find their voice, capture their unique brand in stylish résumés or portfolios, and strike all the right targets.

CONTENT WRITING + Storytelling

Remarkable stories need incredible storytellers. Whether your story manifests as a bio, speech, press release, or presentation, we’ve got the vocab and range to write persuasive, memorable content.

Brand building + Business Consulting

It can start with a name, the perfect logo, or brand identity, but we know more than enough about art, design, and technology to stitch together unforgettable brands or enhance what you’ve got.


website design // limited pricing

special edition: the rising star Program


Art and music are key sources of inspiration for us, and we have a passion for supporting young artists. Each month we reserve limited slots for independents and up-and-coming talent to get a customized website at an incredible price. Click RISE UP to review eligibility requirements and to apply.


career is different here.
Money, Power, and Respect for All.


//GHost protocol

Career strategy + Planning

If we’re going to change the world we need the right people in the right career positions. We've got years of expertise and practice to streamline career searches, and with killer results. We already know we can get you an interview. So our focus is on maximizing your odds at earning the top salary, getting you into a dream career path, and in the shortest amount of time.


Resume + Cover letter design

Linkedin Redesign