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At GHOST, we keep a pulse on the entertainment industry, observing trends that help artists stand out, as well as the PR mishaps and lackluster packaging that make them stumble. We want to help you put your artists’ best foot forward.

The way audiences interact with music and media, artists, models, influencers, or personalities in the internet age is continually changing. For talent managers and agencies, the result is often smaller budgets and higher risks for investments while also having to compete with a crowded sea of talent from all sides.

We're launching a limited pilot program, looking to partner with talent agents, managers, and small labels to provide a suite of services to help you stretch your budget dollars. Moreover, we'll also equip your talent with all the high-caliber trimmings of an established celebrity on a major scale.

Talk to us today about establishing a long-lasting partnership with your firm to give your talent a finished, luxury quality and feel at affordable pricing that'll be sure to turn heads, and get more people to take them seriously.




  • Full Bleed Imagery

  • Built-In Site Security

  • Cost-Effective

  • Rapid Turnaround (Under 14 Days)

  • Easy DIY Updating & Maintenance

We’re able to provide affordable pricing on developing websites for artists, performers, actors, models, influencers, and public figures of all kinds. Maintenance can also be handled on an ongoing basis or we can train your agency or firm on how to use the Squarespace platform to your advantage to update calendar events, upload new music or videos, alter booking information, or add images to a gallery.



We’ve forged amazing relationships with our graphic design partners, who are able to provide incredible logos, branding, and cover art at just about any budget. We’ll handle or relay creative direction, manage the projects for timeliness and deadlines, and you’ll just have to worry about one point of contact and one invoice to save you time and headaches.


Design Credits: KNSCRY GFX | Kevin Coleman



We’ve written and edited press releases, and designed electronic iterations for email blast campaigns or EPKs. We can also write artist biographies and direct overall communication strategy. In a time of PR crisis, you also might prefer to have someone on hand that understands diverse markets, current social issues, and marginalized communities when it comes to crafting public statements and apologies, and guiding narratives.

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We can work to connect your talent to some of the best and brightest photographers in your closest major city at most budgets. We have an eye for quality, and we’ll work to ensure the logistics will mean the star of the shoot simply has to arrive and strike a pose.


Image Credit: TJ Jones of Hustle & Nap


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